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Multiple Notepad++ windows


Viewing multiple files side by side in Notepad++ comes in handy.  I was looking how this can be done and apparently it’s easier than you may think.

Just rightclick on the tab of the file you want to see next to the current one.  In the lowest part of this menu you can find what you need:

Move to Other View
Clone to Other View
Move to New Instance (you may prefer this or the next one if you are working with  multiple monitors)
Clone to New Instance

Another option – less obvious is to start Notepadd++ with the parameter -multiInst.  I found this here.


Rohos Mini Drive: password protect USB drive

If you want to password protect a part of an USB drive, you may want to try out the free tool Rohos Mini Drive.

It allows you to create a virtual partition on a USB stick in a simple way.  For more info and download, see


Remember last played position in VLC player

The VLC player plugin srpos allows you to pickup where you paused your video. (tested on VLC player 2.1.1)

You can find it here.  (including description on how to install it)

Tip: use Ctrl-1 to open the last file you played.


Update 2/9/2014:

For Linux Ubuntu (or Ubuntu based distros) type the following in Terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:samrog131/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install vlc-srpos-plugin

See for more info.