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Posting source code

Posting source code on WordPress is simple.

See for more info.


Drivel – Linux offline web log editor

I installed a basic Linux based offline web log editor called Drivel. Be aware that it’s very basic, but seems to work well. You can find it here: Drivel This post was written using Drivel.

I also briefly tested Qumana, which I used to insert the picture.

Installing WordPress, Joomla, and more real easily locally with EasyPHP

If you want a really easy package – as the name indicates – try EasyPHP – I tried some other alternatives, but this one beats them all.

After downloading and installing the main package (PHP + Apache + MySQL + PhmMyAdmin), you can download and install modules like WordPress, Drupall, Joomla! … and install them in minutes.

Once installed and started it was a breeze to start PhpMyAdmin or WordPress (click “front office”), …

I could write a lot more (and add more screenshots), but just give it a try if you want to do some local website testing: really recommended !

Installing WordPress locally with Server2Go

A while ago I published a way to install WordPress on a local PC with XAMPP (see

Another great, quick and easy way to do this is with Server2Go. This completely portable, and is intended even run from a CD.

Here: you can find a description how you can do this.

Some remarks:

– Modify pms_config.ini – modify the LocalMirror=1 to LocalMirror=0. Otherwise the database and dbsettings will not be remembered; so after closing Server2Go and launching it again you would find that the WordPress database and site are gone again.

– With some proxy servers you may encounter an issue during the installation of the WordPress Import plugin: “An Unexpected HTTP Error occurred during the API request”.
The easiest way to solved this is to download the WordPress Importer manually – from – which only needs to unzipped to the wp-content\plugins folder, and activated — Plugins -> WordPress Importer -> Activate.

– If you want to import a WordPress XML file which is bigger than 2MB, you’ll see the error above. Solution: edit server\config_tpl\php.ini and change upload_max_filesize for example from 2M to 9M

Publishing from OneNote to WordPress

I did not do much research on this, so possibly there are even more simple solutions. But if you have OneNote 2010, you probably also have Word 2010 installed, so no need for extra tools.

Once you have configured Word to publish to WordPress it is pretty simple.

From your OneNote topic select File, Send, Send to Blog

Now this item will open in Word. After for example adding a category, select Publish (or Publish as Draft …)