The good old SyncBack freeware (version 3.x) has recently been upgrade to SyncBackFree V6.  This already nice sync and backup tool has now become really great.  The software can be downloaded here.

From their website:

SyncBackFree has every feature that the old SyncBack V3 freeware had and far more besides. No features have been removed.

Unicode: The old SyncBack V3 freeware could not cope with non-English filenames without tweaking settings in the Windows operating system. Even then it could only handle filenames in English and one other language. SyncBackFree can cope with filenames in any language.

Unlimited filename lengths: The old SyncBack V3 freeware could not use files whose total filename length was over 260 characters long. SyncBackFree has no practical restriction on filename lengths.

Selections and actions: SyncBackFree allows you to select, in detail, which files and folders to include in a backup. The options are far more powerful than were available in the old SyncBack V3 freeware. You can now also review the actions that will be performed and change them.

Newer versions of Windows: The old SyncBack V3 freeware was never tested or designed to be used on anything newer than Windows XP. SyncBackFree is designed for and tested on all versions of Windows from XP to the latest Windows 8. As SyncBack V3 freeware is an old program, it will work on Windows 98 and 2000 (neither of which are supported by Microsoft). SyncBackFree cannot be used on Windows 98 or 2000. Also, SyncBackFree cannot be used on server versions of Windows. If you are using a server version of Windows you must use SyncBackSE or SyncBackPro.

Interface: The old SyncBack V3 freeware had an interface that was designed in the days of Windows XP and never moved on from there. SyncBackFree shares the same user interface as the more modern SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro.

Logging: The old SyncBack V3 freeware logged everything in the HTML log files as they occurred during a profile run. This made the log files difficult to read as errors were mixed in with non-errors. SyncBackFree uses the same logging format as SyncBackSE and SyncBackPro which means you can easily find the errors and see what was copied and what was not.

Portable: The old SyncBack V3 freeware used the Windows registry which meant it was not portable, i.e. you couldn’t put it on a USB key and use it on another computer. SyncBackFree is portable.

Compression: SyncBackFree uses a modern compression component so compression is faster.

FTP: SyncBackFree uses a modern FTP component so it works with a wider range of FTP servers.

Much more: SyncBackFree includes numerous other new features which you’ll discover as you use the new version and read the help file.


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