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Managing web logs

One thing what’s actually not always that handsome when posting, is the interface of for example WordPress or other blogs. I heard about offline web log editors a while ago, so I did a quick search on WordPress.com and found a list of offline editors (here ). This makes it much easier to prepare new post or edit previous posts.


I downloaded and wrote this post with BlogDesk 2.8. Straightforward to install and with enough possibilities for now. You prepare your posts offline. You save them from and can continue to work on them … and when your done, you publish them with one click. Working with images is sometimes time consuming. BlogDesk has an Image Wizard which makes this process a quicker and straight forward. After having worked with it for 15 minutes I am already fond of it.

Another offline editor which looks nice, but I haven’t tested it is the portable version of w.bloggar. Just download this portable version and unzip it to your USB stick. More info on http://www.wbloggar.com.