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Remote Control through firewalls

In the following article I’ll take a look at some product to take remote control of other PC’s through NAT routers, some products also go through firewalls.

Category1: Remote control in seconds

A number of products are specifically designed take control of another system in a matter of seconds. Here are some solutions:


Teamviewer exists in 4 versions: a free version (free for non-commercial use), Business 6 months, Business and Premium. Check out their licensing page for more details about pricing and differencies in possibilities. I’ll talk about the free (for non-commercial use) version here.

TeamViewer: free for non-commercial use. The best product in this product in this category in my opinion.
Pro: does not need to be installed (but can be installed), a lot of possibilities, free version available (for non-commercial use), considerably faster than the VNC based products, and also contains file transfer, NAT routers: no problems. Con : not free for commercial use.

How to use – in brief — (more screenshot, see here):

Click on Start Customer Module from the TeamViewer webpage if you want to share your PC.

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