Portable Apps

Some links where you can find portable applications:

PortableApps.com – http://portableapps.com/

Download and install the PortableApp.com Platform setup file and start installing portable apps (and keep them up to date) very easily. Recommended !

Of course you can also just download and install individual Portable Apps.

The Portable Freeware collection – http://www.portablefreeware.com/

Over 300 applications available in a few clicks ! from Liberkey.com – http://www.liberkey.com/

Pendriveapps.com – http://www.pendriveapps.com/

winPenPack X-Software Collection from winPenPack.com – http://www.winpenpack.com

App-Stick.com – http://www.app-stick.com

Portable USB / U3 Apps – Freeware files from Sundrytools.com – http://sundrytools.com/freeware-files/portable-applications/

Portable Apps from fyxm.net (note: not limited to freeware; also contains trials, shareware, …) – http://download.fyxm.net/Portable-apps-14-0-0-0-0.html

Portable Applications from Codyssey.com – http://www.codyssey.com/apps/

Best Free Portable Applications from Gizmo’s freeware – http://www.techsupportalert.com/best-free-portable-programs.htm

100 Portable Apps for your USB Stick (Mac and Win) from MakeUseOf.com – http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/portable-software-usb/

Handy programs to carry on a USB stick from SnapFiles.com – http://www.snapfiles.com/features/ed_usb_software.html

Portable Software – Free Software Downloads from Techbetas.com – http://www.techbetas.com/

32 Useful Portable Apps for Web Designers and Developers from WebDesignBooth.com – http://www.webdesignbooth.com/32-useful-portable-apps-for-web-designers-and-developers/

70 Free Useful Portable Applications You Should Know from HongKiat.com (70 ?) – http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/70-free-useful-portable-applications-you-should-know/

List of portable software from Wikipedia.org – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_portable_applications

Portable Freeware Software from DownloadpediA.org – http://downloadpedia.org/Portable_Freeware_Software

35 Portable Applicatons that Every Tech Needs from EmergingTechs.com – http://www.emergingtechs.com/posts/35-portable-applications-every-tech-needs/

Portable apps from Netbook Freeware – http://www.netbookfreeware.com/tag/portable

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Added more information on PortableApps.com.


Added http://www.snapfiles.com/features/ed_usb_software.html

Added http://downloadpedia.org/Portable_Freeware_Software

Added http://www.liberkey.com/

Added http://sundrytools.com/freeware-files/portable-applications/

Added http://www.techbetas.com/

Added http://www.netbookfreeware.com/tag/portable


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