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Changing colors in SciTE


When attaching an external monitor I was not able to see a code selection on this screen in the AutoIt editor SciTE.

I found out that changing the colors involved modifying the “c:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\SciTE\” file.

More specifically changing the selection.fore, alpha and back solved the issue.


As the alpha.selection settings apparently can behave differenty on a laptop display and an external monitor, it makes sense to disable this setting …

AutoIt Colors 2


  1. When you modify the colors in SciTE, you can immediately see the result after saving the file.
  2. Put # in front of the original line to keep a backup of the original setting.
  3. See for example this page on for an overview of hex values colors
  4. Modify indicators.alpha, for example to “indicators.alpha=150” to improve visibility when highlighting a word (see below)



Autoscrolling listboxes in AutoIt

To add autoscroll functionality to listboxes in AutoIt add this Include:

#include <GuiListBox.au3>

Add a function, call it for example _AutoScroll:

Func _AutoScroll()
_GUICtrlListBox_SetTopIndex($ListName, _GUICtrlListBox_GetListBoxInfo($ListName) – 1) ; Autoscroll to end of ListBox !
EndFunc ;==>_AutoScroll

Then, each time you write to the listbox add a call to

AutoIt v3.2.12.0 released (16th May 2008)

A new version of AutoIt has been released.

See for more info.

There are some important changes, more specifically in the include files. If your script has some GUI functionality which doesn’t work anymore, check out the forum here, for a handsome script which searches through your script and adds the necessary includes: