HP laptop Windows 10 shut down problem

Apparently this still happens on new HP laptops. I encountered it on a HP EliteBook 850 G4.

This – https://turbofuture.com/computers/HP-Laptop-Wont-Shut-Down-Solution –  article from 2016 did the trick: unchecking ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power’ !



VirtualBox:show menu in Guest OS

You can remove the menu bar from your Guest OS (View, Menu Bar, Show Menu Bar).


But how do you get the menu back ? By default the shortcut key to show the menu is “Host-Home” (Host = right Ctrl key by default).

If you have changed the default key for the menu, be sure to check this key in the menu: Input, Keyboard, Keyboard Settings, Popup Menu before you hide the menu bar !


Using atom as Python editor


I have been testing atom for editing Python code. (https://atom.io/)

Overall I was impressed.  A lot of add-ins (called ‘Packages’) are available on top of the default ones.

I installed the ‘Script’ (https://atom.io/packages/script) package to run scripts from within Python.   You can install this package from atom: ‘Settings’, ‘Install’ (search for script …)

Once this is done you need to remember starting atom with the command “atom .” (and configure script using ‘Packages’, ‘Script’, ‘Configure Script’) – then you can run a script with the shortcut ‘shift-ctrl-b’ (for Windows), or from the atom menu: ‘Packages’, ‘Script’, …’

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