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Citrix and Macromedia Flash Player for non admin users

Flash animations in IE7 with non admin users would not work. Administrators did not have this issue (Citrix 4.0 farm).

Solution: Change the permissions to “READ” for everyone on the two registry keys below. (Ensure it is replicated to the child objects.)


Next time the users login, it works.
By default, EVERYONE is denied.


Some users cannot print to HP LJ 1022 printers from Citrix


Using Citrix auto created printers some users can print to LJ 1022 printers. Other users cannot print to the same printers.


Use the recommended HP LJ 6L PCL5e driver (included in OS) instead of the HP host based driver. See previous post.

Not able to print in color from Citrix

Sometimes you a color document print from Citrix, with apparently all settings to color but the printouts are in black and white anyway.

Possible solution:

Citrix takes over the settings from Windows. If your color printer is set by default to B/W in printing preferences, close your Citrix session. set it to color in Windows and open your Citrix session again.

But maybe you don’t want to spoil that expensive color toner and prefer to print in B/W most of the time.

Yes, you can leave your settings to B/W in Windows and switch it in Citrix to Color.

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Speeding-up Citrix printing in a WAN environment

When using Auto Created printers, the size of the spool file often grows to more than 10 times the normal size (= size when printing directly, without Citrix). I did some tests with a heavy PDF file which normally spools 14MB, that is when printed directly from Windows (or with Citrix session printers). When using Citrix Auto Created printers this grew up to a horrible 412MB ! Can you imagine the time it takes ? Tests with other files resulted in the same behaviour.

Luckily there are some solutions.

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Citrix: not able to print – no default printer

You cannot print from within a Citrix session, because you cannot set a default printer.

Possible solutions:

1) Logoff from Citrix session(s)

2) Reset security on TS profile (on TS profile, Properties, Security, Advanced, Check Replace permission entries on all child objects with entries shown here that apply to child objects and click OK). Logon to Citrix session and check.

3) If not OK, completely reset TS profile.