Changing colors in SciTE


When attaching an external monitor I was not able to see a code selection on this screen in the AutoIt editor SciTE.

I found out that changing the colors involved modifying the “c:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\SciTE\” file.

More specifically changing the selection.fore, alpha and back solved the issue.


As the alpha.selection settings apparently can behave differenty on a laptop display and an external monitor, it makes sense to disable this setting …

AutoIt Colors 2


  1. When you modify the colors in SciTE, you can immediately see the result after saving the file.
  2. Put # in front of the original line to keep a backup of the original setting.
  3. See for example this page on for an overview of hex values colors
  4. Modify indicators.alpha, for example to “indicators.alpha=150” to improve visibility when highlighting a word (see below)



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