SQL queries on WSUS database


Sometimes you need to query the WSUS database using T-SQL statements.

The WSUS database can be installed using the Windows Internal Database (shipping with WSUS 3.0) or a standard SQL database.

When a Windows Internal Database is used, you can use SQL Management Studio Express to connect to.  Use the following string to connect to this database: \\.\pipe\MSSQL$MICROSOFT##SSEE\sql\query
For more info, see http://blogs.technet.com/b/gborger/archive/2009/02/27/exploring-the-wsus-windows-internal-database.aspx.

The Views are the easiest way to start exploring the SUSDB.

Some View and other examples:

SELECT TOP 1000 [ComputerTargetId]
  FROM [SUSDB].[PUBLIC_VIEWS].[vComputerTarget]

SELECT [FullDomainName], [LastSyncTime] FROM [tbComputerTarget] ORDER BY [FullDomainName]

SELECT [CategoryType]
  ORDER BY [DefaultTitle]



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