Building in Visual C# Express 2010

If the Build option is missing in the Build menu there are some possible causes/solutions:

  • Press F6: this will build the solution (whether the Build option is in the Build menu or not)
  • Rightclick your solution and click Build



  1. Enable the Tools → Settings → Expert Settings menu option
  2. Go to Tools → Options
    In the dialog box, check Show All Settings option in the bottom left.
  3. In the above dialog, now choose Projects and Solutions → General.
    Check the option Show advanced build configurations.
  4. Click OK.
  • For me this did not help, but when I switched from Expert Settings to Basic Settings, the Build option was back again.  This made me conclude there was something screwed up in my settings.
  • I switched back to Expert Settings, and reset the Settings (Tools, Settings, Reset): now the Build option was back, and everything was back to normal after I manually set the settings.

To switch between Release and Debug:

  • Show advanced build configurations need to be checked
  • Build, Configuration Manager
  • Active solution configuration: select Debug or Release



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