Installing WordPress locally with Server2Go

A while ago I published a way to install WordPress on a local PC with XAMPP (see

Another great, quick and easy way to do this is with Server2Go. This completely portable, and is intended even run from a CD.

Here: you can find a description how you can do this.

Some remarks:

– Modify pms_config.ini – modify the LocalMirror=1 to LocalMirror=0. Otherwise the database and dbsettings will not be remembered; so after closing Server2Go and launching it again you would find that the WordPress database and site are gone again.

– With some proxy servers you may encounter an issue during the installation of the WordPress Import plugin: “An Unexpected HTTP Error occurred during the API request”.
The easiest way to solved this is to download the WordPress Importer manually – from – which only needs to unzipped to the wp-content\plugins folder, and activated — Plugins -> WordPress Importer -> Activate.

– If you want to import a WordPress XML file which is bigger than 2MB, you’ll see the error above. Solution: edit server\config_tpl\php.ini and change upload_max_filesize for example from 2M to 9M


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