How to create a multiboot combined Windows (UBC4Win) – Linux USB stick

It’s relatively easy to find how to create a multiboot USB stick. On you can find a straight forward procedure to do this (


This is a very neat way to make a multiboot USB stick, because it’s pretty simple, and basically just involves formatting the USB stick, running the MultiBootISOs.exe file (which you can download using the link above). Then you’ll only have to follow the links to the Linux distros ISO files, download and copy them to the USB sticks’ root (with some exceptions, described on the site).

It would be fun adding some kind of Windows based image as well. I tried creating an UBCD4WIN (Ultimate Boot CD for Windows) ISO file and adding this to the menu. Unfortunately this did not work (UBCD4WIN did not start, and displayed some error message).

After some troubleshooting, Googling, … I decided to take another approach. This one is not as nice as just adding another ISO, but at least it works.

In brief this is how you can make it work:

– Create a bootable USB stick with UBCD4WIN (using UBUSB; see for more details) and test if it boots normally (IMPORTANT: always create a UBCD4WIN from a Win XP PC – or virtual Win XP client system; for example using VirtualBox ! If you use Windows Vista or W7 you’ll end up with a stick which does not boot !)
– Delete (or rename) the Syslinux folder on the USB stick
– Make a backup of the menu.lst file (from the root of the USB stick)
– Run MultiBootISO.exe, WITHOUT formatting the USB stick
– Add the following section (source: menu.lst from the UBCD4WIN you backed up earlier) to the menu.lst on the USB stick (see below)
title “Ultimate Boot CD for Windows”
fallback 1
find –set-root /ntldr
chainloader /ntldr
savedefault –wait=2

That’s it: your multiboot combined Windows (UBC4Win) – Linux USB stick is ready !

Some more tips:

A cool way to test your bootable USB stick, without having to reboot your PC each time you want to test can be found here: This describes how you can boot your stick form VirtualBox.

On you can find even more stuff you can add to your USB boot stick.


3 thoughts on “How to create a multiboot combined Windows (UBC4Win) – Linux USB stick”

  1. How to make ubcd4win bootable USB pendrive

    I have ubcd4win V3110a Bootable CD. Can I make bootable usb flash drive from it. If yes, than how to do it?
    Thanks in advance! 😀

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