Creating free space on harddisks partitions

You probably know the situation: you need to install some important updates, service packs, … but your C: drive has not enough free space left.

On the other hand, the D: partition (or another one) has plenty of free space. A possible solution is simply to move some folders.

You could do it even more smartly by first moving the folders to the other partition and then create a junction point again on the C: partition. This way it looks to the operating system like the folders/files are still on the same location. You could do this for example for the folder C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download (after stopping the service Automatic Updates).

A good and simple tool for creating junction is HardLink Shell Extension, see

First you have to pick up the source folder as the source:


And then you can drop it as a Junction.


It’s as simple as that (at least with this tool).


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