REMProf and other free tools

What is RemProf ?

From the ctrl-alt-del site:

RemProf is a command-line utility to delete local user profiles that are NOT in use when this command is executed.

This utility was written to replace the command DELPROF.EXE currently found in the MS Windows Resource Kit. This utility offers extra features that will be of benefit to all admins. REMPROF has the ability to delete user profiles on the local machine based on age, username, or SID association. REMPROF does not currently function on Microsoft Vista due to Vista’s new permission structure on profiles.

In you create a Scheduled Task to run RemProf after every restart of your Citrix servers (e.g. daily), you can keep the profiles on the Citrix servers reduced to a minimum !

For more info and lots of other free tools, check out:


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