LogOn electronic ID Card Reader

The last few years I filled in my tax forms electronically using www.TaxOnWeb.be and authenticated using a Token.


You can get a token card quickly (I got it within 2 or 3 days if I recall correctly, but I heard it’s not always that quick 😦 …), and it’s simple to use.

But since I received an electronic ID a few months ago I just acquired an eID reader. I found one from LogOn (found it at 14,95€ and 19,99€ in another shop).


The ReadMe file noted: supports Win 2000 SP4/Win 2003/XP SP2/VISTA 32-bit operating system, but I installed it on a Windows Vista Business 64bit PC without problems.

How to install the driver.  With administrator privileges:

  • Do NOT connect the eID Reader yet
  • Insert the driver CD
  • Install the drivers (launch \installer.exe if it does not start automatically)
  • On the dialog box This Program will be Run Smart Card Reader driver Install/Uninstall Process (YES/NO), Click Yes
  • Click Finish to when the installation is done
  • Then insert the USB cable of the Smart card Reader
  • When the device is completely installed, remove the cable of the eID Reader again, for the installation of the eID software

Now go to http://eid.belgium.be/ to install the eID software. Just click on the eID quick install link (see below).


Run the file, and the installation wizard.


… continue the wizard …

Once this software is completely installed, you are ready to connect to TaxOnWeb using your eID.  Have your eID PIN code ready, connect  to http://www.taxonweb.be and give it a try 😉


Edit 18/06/2013:

To install the software on Window 8 64bit:

  • don’t attach the eID reader yet
  • goto  http://eid.belgium.be and run eID Quick Install (see above)
  • attach the eID reader when asked
  • you may have to restart your PC when the eID Quick Install wizard is finished
  • the eID reader driver is automatically installed and it should be possible now to read your eID

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