Not able to print in color from Citrix

Sometimes you a color document print from Citrix, with apparently all settings to color but the printouts are in black and white anyway.

Possible solution:

Citrix takes over the settings from Windows. If your color printer is set by default to B/W in printing preferences, close your Citrix session. set it to color in Windows and open your Citrix session again.

But maybe you don’t want to spoil that expensive color toner and prefer to print in B/W most of the time.

Yes, you can leave your settings to B/W in Windows and switch it in Citrix to Color.

In Citrix, open the Printing Preferences of your printer and click on Local Settings.

Then you will see the settings dialog box, which is specific for your printer, and which you can set to color (or B/W if want to switch if off again) – the printscreen in the example below is from a Nashuatec printer.


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