Speeding-up Citrix printing in a WAN environment

When using Auto Created printers, the size of the spool file often grows to more than 10 times the normal size (= size when printing directly, without Citrix). I did some tests with a heavy PDF file which normally spools 14MB, that is when printed directly from Windows (or with Citrix session printers). When using Citrix Auto Created printers this grew up to a horrible 412MB ! Can you imagine the time it takes ? Tests with other files resulted in the same behaviour.

Luckily there are some solutions.

1. Enable advanced printing features

Uncheck “Enable advanced printing features” (on the printer, Advanced tab) and the spool file will be reduced (in the test above to 14MB). In my specific test this reduced printing from more than 1 hour to 4 minutes !

Bear in mind though that options such as Page Order, Booklet Printing and Pages Per Sheet won’t be available anymore. Eventually create 2 printers on the print server: 1 slow one with the advanced printing features enabled, and a quick one without these options.

2. Printing design

If you have centralized Citrix servers, and remote users, you could have the following setup:

Central Citrix servers, central print server(s), remote users and remote printers.

To speed up printing by reducing the WAN traffic try this:

Central Citrix servers, remote print server(s), remote users and remote printers.  Installing the printers on a remote print server should reduce WAN traffic and thus speed up printing.

If you combine option 1 and 2, you will probably gain a lot in terms of printing speed.


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