Vista and personal firewalls

If you’d like to try another firewall than the build-in: a good, free one is ZoneAlarm. I installed version 7.1.248. Solid and no problems at all.

On the contrary Comodo Firewall Pro showed too much pop ups; it looked like they would never stop. Even removing the thing was a pain. The standard uninstall left a lot of crap. If you want to get rid of it, see here.


One thought on “Vista and personal firewalls”

  1. Today I downloaded and installed the latest version of Comodo Firewall (version 3.13). I did not test it thoroughly, but it was clear to me that it has become a mature and interesting personal firewall. Plenty of finetuning possibilities, looks stable, recommended.
    The free version of ZoneAlarm on the other hand has been simplified, but to that point that it seems to me that a lot of possibities have deliberately been removed to motivate you to upgrade to a paying version. Albeit that the free version does not seem bad …

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