93 comments on “Resetting a Garmin Forerunner 210 with blank screen

  1. WOW! Method 2 worked for me too! I had to do it 3 times, holding it for 30 seconds each time, but it finally worked! Yaaaayyyyy! Thank you sooooo much!!! = )

  2. Method 2 worked for me too after locking on “saving activities” screen. You have to hold these 3 buttons down for maybe 15 seconds or more until the screen blanks before releasing and pressing the Light button

  3. nothing of this works for me i just bought the 210 and unpacked and charged it, but the display doesn’t work .
    Only the light works and the beeping sounds.
    Some help please ?????????????????

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  5. #2 was spot on after trying other numerous methods to reboot my blank screened Forerunner 210.

  6. you’re great !
    My watch screen went all blank while trying to download data on my laptop and i couldn’t switch it on again!
    Method 1 worked perfectly (Pressing both lap/reset and the light button; i did for 30 seconds and the screen went on; wow! magic!)
    thanks so much to have spent some time on posting these solutions, it is such a great help for us!

  7. Thanks, #2 worked after a dozen of tries. Few secs really has to be more than 15s. I really appreciated this help.

  8. it2p, may many thanks. I am also very happy with the Forerunner and did not manage to wake it up again, although I have only used it for several weeks. Method 2 worked. Thanks a lot!

  9. Thanks – all three methods failed for me. I went back to method 1 and held both buttons for 2 minutes then pressed the light for about 10 seconds – presto back to life.

  10. THX!!! #2 worked for me after 2 tries. Now that it’s back to life, I need to find out how to get my computers to recognize it. But thanks for this first step!

  11. Okay thank you so freaking much. I have a 5k today and it was so ironic how my watch didn’t want to work. Until I found these methods. The first one worked for me. I had to do it serveral times though. All and all my life is saved. I would hate to go on a run with a normal timed watch. Thanks again!!

  12. Thank you so much for posting this. Every now and then my 210 decides to stop working and just beeeeeeep nonstop. And every time it happens I go through the google results unsuccessfully until I hit this page. And it works!

    Lesson learned: bookmark this page for future use!

    PS The “hold both” method of Method 1 worked for me this time. I don’t remember which methods I used in the past for this problem.

  13. Excellent! Method 2 for me. Seems pretty bad that these watches do this, for the cost of them. I do like it though, so won’t be moving on to any other brand yet. ;-)

  14. And two years later after you first published this post… THANK YOU!
    Method #1 worked for me. I agree with others.. very curious as to why the blank screen even occurs in the first place.

  15. Did Method 1 by accident, was holding watch upside down thinking I was doing method 2 then hit ‘start/stop’ and voila the screen came alive. Thankyou thankyou thankyou.

  16. Methode 2 funktionierte, mindestens 30 Sekunden gedrückt halten, danach kurz den light button.
    Vielen Dank!

  17. Thanks for the heads up on the firmware upgrade. I thought I had the most up to date version as Garmin Connect usually prompts me when upgrades are available. Went through a different update procedure using myGarmin Dashboard, as instructed after following the link you provided. Maybe now we can finally see an end to these random blank screen issues. Such a drag for an otherwise great unit.

  18. Grazie, non so quale (li ho provati in modo convulso: ero disperato) ma qualcuno dei tuoi metodi ha funzionato.

  19. Had continued locking up and blank screen issues. Garmin support recommended I delete old activity records on the watch, expecting one might be corrupted. I removed all of them, over 100, and it’s been totally stable. Garmin also recommended ejecting the device first, then unplug the USB & finally remove the watch from the sync claw to avoid issues in the future.

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